Blacksite Wallet is an insured, coin wallet storage service. We create Cold Wallets Storage for you to safely store away your Crypto Coins.

We are not an exchange. We do not do trading.

Blacksite Wallet is owned by Kenneth Hibberd. Not only do I own it but I created it. I am responsible for handling all communications and all wallets. I am also responsible for ensuring that internal operations are secured. I personally prohibit any partners or employees from handling your wallets. That eliminates any chance of internal break-ins.

Cold storage is a term referencing the location of your coins. All wallets except the HotWallets, are created on a Live Disk computer with no internet access. These types of computers exist only on CD for example, making them virus proof and hacking proof. Addresses and Secret Keys are created on these machines so that they are never exposed to the internet. All transactions are signed on the Cold Machines and then manually taken to the internet facing machines for sending. "COLD" means the system is not connected in any way to a data network to include its printers and storage. The only access is physical access.

Ever heard of Mount Gox? How about Nicehash or even Changely? Do you ever know who owns your exchanges or platforms? Who is it specifically having lost your coins? Are you sure that your coins or even your exchanges are not Ponzy schemes designed to look real?

Any exchange or trading platform where you can log in and execute a withdrawal transaction by using your user account is at risk.

If you keep your coins in an exchange, they do not belong to you, but to the exchange. Technically you get issued an IOU (I Owe You) and then all you have in your hands is a claim against an unknown entity. On top of that exchanges might use your coins to provide collateral for other users who trade on margin. At this point there is no difference between an exchange and a traditional bank.

At best, the user is at risk of Social Hacking. At worst the Exchange can be hacked making your coins no longer your coins or it can lose them when too many traders lose coins which are not theirs. This is lazy security.

Blacksite Wallet employs known Military Security Tactics to secure your coins. It is slow and inconvenient, but it is worse for a hacker. At BSW, your coins are yours, 100% cold stored and segregated by an encrypted separate accounting system.

Our main concern are Users who want long term storage. The only reason: Because of security reasons it takes quite some effort to manually conduct transfers. This will affect you if you are in a hurry. It is not to say that your transaction is not handled quickly, but you will be waiting in line though. Essentially, day-traders who need their coins quickly may want to stick to exchanges.

You can send your withdrawal request at any time. For now, we are Berlin time and not 24 hours supported yet. So us humans do sleep a little. Otherwise the quickest is 10 minutes. The worst case scenario is by end of day. As BSW grows from month to month, we will employ more agents to speed this up.

Normally, exchanges employ transfer fees to cover the computers, servers, insurance, data lines and costs for employees.

Our membership rates are very generous as we do not charge any transfer fees. I want you to keep more profit by paying less fess and to have the absolute best security possible. We apply an annual fee based on your number of wallets. Please visit Our Membership area for more information.

The beauty of our system is that we accept only crypto currencies for payment. This serves several purposes. For one it allows a bit of privacy to you. Next, we like to think that we are helping to increase the value of certain coins by accepting them as payment.

The wallet prices are expressed in EUR. To minimize fluctuations in valuation as to what you send and what we receive, our system will recalculate the equivalent of each supported crypto currency every 15 minutes.

As of now: NO, we do not need any identifying data. We do not exchange currencies. We provide a service of storage only. Consequently, "Money Laundering" is not an issue. However, the more information you give to us, the better we can help you in the event that you have lost your login credentials. Please understand that in the future, it maybe that regulators will require us to collect this information, but for now there is no such requirement.

Wow! This is a big one, but a good question. First of all, I certainly can not discuss all of the security measures, but I am happy to tell you some of our features.

  • Of course all of your data is stored is a database. That entire database is encrypted. I DO NOT USE MD5.
  • We do not allow usernames nor email addresses as a login criteria. These can be Socially hacked from you and are therefore unreliable. These site that do allow these things have already provided half of the login equation to the hackers. Why?
  • We do not allow weak passwords. In fact, BSW generates your password for you and issues it to you. Sorry, but it is the best for you. If it is good enough for the military, it certainly will be for you.
  • I will employ password security. You will be required to change your password at least every 90 days. Normally you should do it on your own every 30 days.
  • 2 Factor Security is required. You are required to use a 2nd PinCode sent to an email address that you control as part of your logins and transactions. I highly recommend that you choose an account that is not used anywhere on Earth except for BSW. Perhaps Proton Mail or Fastmail?
  • PHP Sentinel is a program written that scans every file associated with BSW to look for changes in the code. This is to ensure that hackers can not infiltrate the system and insert malicious code.
  • In the event that some daring Black Ops agents break in and take our machines, good luck :) They are of no use to you unless you really just do not want to download the blockchain. Burglaries may take us offline, but it will not result in the theft of your wallets.
  • Social Hacking: In one way I do not participate in Social website specifically to take this possibility out of my life and family. I can not be socially hacked. You know everything that I want you to know. But in another way, I want you as my customers to know me and to know us and thus must participate a little bit :)

There is a whole lot to consider for your security, but these are the most interesting ones for you as my customer. Feel free to ask what you like. If it is not too dangerous, I will of course answer it.

I do not like this question as I feel it is a security issue, but none the less it is ok to ask. I am a nobody. I am a very private and security conscious individual whom prefers my peace.

I have been programming since around 1985 first starting with DOS. The first system that I ever took apart watch some kid's father's watch back in third grade. (It did not go well). I have since improved.

By age 17 my love was all things Science but specifically Physics. I wanted to go into the Military and study UFOs so I went down the road after my ASFAB testing to introduce myself and request a spot in the USAF Science program. Those particular recruiters were real shit heads so I walked down the road to the Army. I walked right in, told them who I was, said I wanted to be a scientist. They said "hell yeah" gave me a smart guy test and BAM! I was Military Intelligence???? I have no idea what happened to me. Oh well. So at 17 or 18 I was in school for Military Intelligence.

Not long after I married my high school sweetie who a year later broke my heart. Because of the divorce I was "asked" to leave Intel and "Volunteer" to do something else. With great fear I became a Combat Medic with my assignments ranging to Bosnia during IFOR. I used my heart break to become a very angry little guy and so decided to train for Rangers.

One event as a medic awarded me a Hero's medal which was my cue to move on. I very quickly became Military Police which I loved every minute of. Through the Police program I became a Task Force Delta candidate, Personal Security Agent and a whole lot more. Of course I have my duties in combat as with every other soldier. After which I decided to retire for a better job offer.

I did my rounds with the "Civilian Soldiers" and worked along side of great soldiers from the Foreign Legion, South Africa, the UK, Seals, Special Forces and a lot of great tough guys.

Now I am older and more experienced not to mention retired. I have owned a few small companies in the past to include a nice corporation which I really enjoyed but now it is time to settle and thus am a freelance programmer and plan to use what I know from experience as military security to help to secure you.

I do not like Facebook, LinkedIn nor Twitter. These are data collection schemes which the general public is freely volunteering. I have had many a bad guy who used these networks whom now wish they had not. I will open up a little more on these networks for you guys as for one I am older now and two am in full control of my own data. I may not post a LinkedIn profile; one because I do not need a job and two, my CV has no business in the civilian world.

I am absolutely happy to get to know you all, but I will do it through video conferencing so that you can look me in the eyes (more or less) and build your trust of me through real interaction instead of through text data that noone can really trust these days.

In the event that ANY agent from Blacksite Wallet contacts you, they must give you the "Challenge Code" from your login to authenticate that they are really an agent authorized to discuss your account. I have taken this step for you to help protect you against Social Hacking and Phone Phishing.

  • Your Challenge code will regenerate for every login, meaning that it will always be different. Your agent must provide you the current code.
  • A Blacksite agent must be logged into our system to read your challenge code. You can be sure that if they made it that far, I am allowing them to handle your account
  • NO AGENT is authorized to discuss your account without this code. If they cannot provide this code, then hang up. They are not authorized.
  • If an agent calls you and fails to give you the proper code or none at all, hang up and report the incident immediately
  • No Blacksite agent requires your password nor any login data from you. If they ask, then they are not a real agent of Blacksite Wallets, hang up immediately.

So you forgot your password huh.... Hmm well all is not lost. clicking on the "Forgot Password" link on the login page will get you sorted out, but it will not be fun. The forgot password process is one of the most unsecure elements of any smart website. With it, a bad has the potential of hijacking your account and locking you out of it simply by using your email address or username credentials.

Another method is by assuming physical control of your computer or mobile device so that they can read your email. Since websites only have a few means of communication with you, it makes sense that the email is a sensitive element. When a bad guy assumes physical control of your computer such as a roommate when you go to the toilet or a burglar or what ever, they are pressed for time. They need to get in, change the password, get the email and respond and get out before they are detected. Well we are combating that by adding a timer to the password reset process.

Starting the reset process will add a timer specific to your computer. This timer can not be avoided and cannot be changed. It must run down before the process is complete. You can not get around it. During which you will receive a notice either by email or Push notification that you are changing your password. It has not yet been changed though. That is one way that you will know someone is trying to Social Hack your account. In that email you will be able to Lock your account if you so desire.

As I said, the password change process is computer specific. The same computer that started the process, must finish the process. Once the timer has run down and once all checks are password, you will receive a new temporary password which will grant you a one time login. From there you must change your password again before you can do anything else in the website.

Another way to change a password is to video conference with us. Have your picture ID ready so that we may find out who is the one trying to change the account.

Our password policy is a good hard policy that is required to help keep your account safe. The following are the current guidelines:

  • Required Minimum Length: 16 characters
  • Must contain Numeric Characters
  • Must contain lowercase characters
  • Must contain uppercase characters
  • Must contain special characters
  • Not more than X days old

There are 3 methods for a hacker to acquire your password. They can simply guess your password based from a series of data collection that allows them to give an educated guess such as Social Hacking for example. A hacker can simply buy a password list from another group who maybe breached Yahoo or a Credit Card firm for example and then test every password and username combination until they get a hit, or they can brute force your password by simply trying every possibility and every character until they get it.

So the goal is to keep as much info from them as possible. By dictating my password policy to you, I am also feeding them specification on the design of may passwords, but that is ok because I have a system that indicates hopelessness to them. The amount of time it will take for a Hacker to brute force your password or guess your password is longer than the life of a password. The reason for that is because of the minimum required characters and for the types required.

I assist your fight against Social Hacking by using your account number as a username instead and by issuing you a password myself. This protects you because the Account number was never used in any website previous to your visit to ours and your password is guaranteed long enough and inconvenient enough to try to break. So the hacking of say, your email provider will not lead to access to your account.

These policies should be your policies, not mine. You should be using these types of policies for everything in your life. Those of you who think you have nothing to worry about are exactly the ones that need to worry.

Part of good security is simply not knowing. Though we store wallets for several E-Commerce shops, telling the community who they are is noone's business except ours. You can be sure that we offer the same level of consideration for Private individuals and families alike. If our shop customers would like to tell you then fantastic, otherwise, we do not divulge customer data, even in the form of recommendations.

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