Sia Wallet Support Discontinued

As of today, support for the SIA wallet is discontinued indefinitely. If you have a SIA wallet already, this is not a problem. You can continue to use this wallet for as long as you like, however we will not be accepting any further request for new wallets. It is our determination that the SIA coin is akin to DodgeCoin with no serious nor dedicated professional purpose. SIA also does not provide any known COLD Storage method for management. This method would include the signing of transactions while in an "Offline" state. This protects your secret keys from exposure to the internet, Man in the Middle Attacks and other browser related issues.

As the future of coins mature in nature, We do not see SIA as a long lasting coin so to speak but more of a blockchain storage solution. While their storage solution itself is partially acceptable, this means nothing to the financial future nor the regulatory responsibility for the SIA coin. In the event that SIA is designated a "Security" in addition to many other "small time coins" this will render the SIA coin worthless in itself. The SIA devs will be required to find a new way to fund their storage solutions.

Blacksite Wallet will not get stuck in the middle with zero ability to transfer your coins in or out because of their failed network.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

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